Sam Collins

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Patient governor

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Samuel lives in North London and has recently graduated from Bristol University with a degree Law. He has worked in a variety of roles in the food and events industry and has several start-ups and ventures that he hopes to make a success of independently someday. Despite suffering occasionally with a rare metabolic disorder, Samuel has persevered with an active lifestyle and pursued physically demanding work. He created a partnership between a local Bowls Club and Age UK Charity, and supported a variety of local businesses with a flavoured milk business I started several years ago.

Having been in and out of hospital consistently for almost 10 years, Samuel has first-hand experience of the worst and best of the NHS. He has always been keen to contribute to the local community and saw a role as a governor as the perfect way to do just this. He belives he can make a real difference to people's lives in the role and feels he is well placed to give a voice to young people that previously may not have had the opportunity to express their views.