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Victor was appointed Professor of Haematology at The Royal Free School of Medicine and Hospital in 1974. He built up one of the major Haematology Departments internationally. He retired from the Chair in 1996 and from clinical practice and teaching medical students in 2018.His research concerned vitamin B12, folate, iron and the leukaemias .He has written over 500 scientific papers. He has also authored or edited four textbooks of Haematology, each in multiple editions and translations, used widely by medical students and by doctors specialising in Haematology. He has  trained  doctors in clinical practice and research from over 40 countries and 
served on several cancer and other medical charities. 

Victor has received honorary DSc degrees from Queen Mary and University College, London, a Commoner Fellowship of The Queenís College, Oxford and Lifetime Achievement Awards from the British and American Societies for Haematology