Patient support groups

Amputee support group

The Royal Free Charity Support hub runs a monthly amputee peer support group. During covid-19 this has increased to every two weeks (every other Friday at 11am – 12pm) and is run virtually.

This group provides new and established amputees with the opportunity to come together and talk about their personal experiences of life after an amputation, discuss what they’ve found to be helpful or not helpful, with a shared understanding and shared support to each other. Family and carers are also welcome to attend.

For information please email us, or call us 020 7794 0500 ext 39963

Patient support groups – funding for set up

  • The Royal Free Charity has provided grants to help set up other patient support groups, including:
  • Eye Matter – Eye Matter is a multi-activity peer support group, here to support those living with visual impairment of any age and ability. Usually this is held twice a month at Edgware hospital and once a month from the Royal Free (Hampstead site).
  • This continues in current times with all activities happening virtually (e.g. weekly comedy nights, cookery classes, tea time chat, plus a range of other activities such as body conditioning)
  • Contact: with your full name and telephone number and they will get in touch
  • Endometriosis support groups– a face to face support group usually held once a month, with twice a year information days.
  • This group is currently on hold; they hope to restart as soon as possible.
  • Neuroendocrine Tumour (NET) support group – grant given to set up in 2016-17.

Other support groups at the Royal Free Hospital

Please note many are currently on hold.

Please contact your consultant or CNS for further information on if local activities are still happening:

HIV support groups– psychology workshops; patient forums; access to psychologists, peer mentors, community nursing
Kidney support groups – peer support group/ volunteers
Rheumatology support group
Neurological patients – Edgware neuro rehab centre facilities
Pain management – ‘follow on’ group for those who have attended 1+ of the pain management programmes
Cardiac support group – ‘heart 2 heart’