We’re redeveloping the Royal Free London website

We’re redeveloping this website to ensure it meets the needs of you, our users.

We know this site is by no means perfect, and there’s a lot more it could be doing to provide clear and useful information that’s simple to find, whether that be about the facilities at one of our hospitals, or what to expect from an appointment.

When our new website goes live before the end of this year, you’ll hopefully find it’s an improvement on what you can see now.

We’ve been asking our users – including patients and visitors – what they’d like to see from our new website, and we’ll be continuing to seek feedback as we build our new site.

If you’d like to take part in an online session later this summer to see what our under-development site looks like and feedback on it, or if you’d like to test it in the autumn before it goes live, or both, please fill in this short online form – please let us know what usually brings you to our website and write ‘RFL website feedback’ in the ‘message’ field of the form.


Page last updated: 19 June 2023