Chaplaincy (multi-faith)

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust is committed to offering multi-faith pastoral support and spiritual care to our patients. At Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital, we believe that the emotional health of a patient is an integral aspect of healthcare.

Meeting spiritual needs: our chaplaincy

The chaplaincy and spiritual care team is available for everyone – patients, visitors and hospital staff.  You do not have to think of yourself as “religious” or attend a place of worship to make use of our multi-faith chaplaincy service.

Much of our work is that of listening to patients, allowing them to 'tell it like it is'. The task of a chaplain is to 'be with and to be for' the patient. We neither moralise nor seek to convert. We place a high value upon a person's individual experience and work mostly on a 'one-to-one' basis, in complete confidentiality and trust.

Chaplaincy at our hospitals: meet the teams

Across our three London hospitals, the team includes chaplains from a variety of Christian denominations, Jewish and Muslim faiths, assisted by a diverse group of trained hospital volunteers.

The chaplains at Barnet Hospital and at Chase Farm Hospital are:

  • The Rev. Tom Baron (Church of England)
  • Father Voltaire Dimol (Roman Catholic)
  • Rabbi Yisroel Fine (Jewish)

The chaplains at the Royal Free Hospital are:

  • The Rev. Salvador Telen (Church of England)
  • Father John McCarthy (Roman Catholic)
  • Imam Rashid Ayyub (Muslim)
  • Rabbi Markus Lange (Jewish)

How the Royal Free chaplaincy service can help

You can visit the chaplaincy at any of the hospitals in our trust. Among the issues we support patients with are:

  • religious needs
  • pregnancy loss
  • marriage and civil partnership
  • planning for funeral services
  • end-of-life issues
  • facing distressing news
  • bereavement care
  • care of the dying and of their relatives
  • the effects of sudden death
  • pastoral/spiritual care of palliative patients
  • ethical issues in patient care
  • understanding our own needs and 'triggers' in the workplace
  • supporting bereaved parents.

We can support spiritual care through reflection, prayer, reading of scriptures and sharing the sacraments. We also have various scriptures and prayer books, and a compass to indicate Qiblah (Makkah).

Contact our team

Barnet Hospital: 020 8216 4355
Chase Farm Hospital: 020 8375 1078
Royal Free Hospital: 020 7830 2742


Urgent calls for chaplains should be directed to the switchboard via a member of the ward staff.

Visiting our chaplaincy teams

Chaplaincy facilities and special services at Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital

Chaplaincy facilities and special services at the Royal Free Hospital