Our council of governors represent the interests of the communities we serve, and is made up of patients, public, staff and local public sector organisations.  

Its role is to ensure the voice of our members, the public, patients and staff is used to inform our trust’s decisions and improve medical care and patient experience.

The council also acts as a source of ideas about how we can best provide healthcare services to meet the needs of members and the wider local community, and ensures we follow NHS values, principles and the terms of our provider licence.

Governors are not paid but reasonable expenses, which do not include loss of earnings, will be reimbursed for travel to meetings or other locations as part of their governor responsibilities. 

Read our governors' travelling expenses document to find out more

Latest agenda and papers

Next council of governors meeting

    • Formal council of governors’ meeting

      Event date and time: 29 April 2024, 6:00pm to 7:30pm

      Event Categories:

      • Governor meetings
    • Formal council of governors’ meeting

      Event date and time: 29 July 2024, 6:00pm to 7:30pm

      Event Categories:

      • Governor meetings
    • Formal council of governors’ meeting

      Event date and time: 21 October 2024, 6:00pm to 7:30pm

      Event Categories:

      • Governor meetings

Our council of governors:

  • Work with our board to produce plans for the future development of our trust.
  • Represent our members’ views. 
  • Receive copies of our annual accounts, auditor’s reports and annual reports at a public meeting.
  • Agree the payment levels of non-executive directors (including the chairman).
  • Appoint/remove the chairman, non-executive directors and our external auditor.
  • Approve the appointment of the chief executive.
  • Ensure our board acts in accordance with our trust’s identified aims and fulfils the requirements of NHS England.
  • Act in an advisory capacity to contribute to the strategic direction of our trust.
  • Adhere to our code of conduct.
  • Attend meetings of the council of governors (four a year) as well as extraordinary council meetings and governor induction sessions.
  • Attend the annual general meeting and any other meetings identified by the council.

Governors also have the opportunity to sit as observers on board committees, chair Medicine for Members' events  and hold 'governors' surgeries' to engage with our members. 

If you would like to contact the governors, please email our lead governor, Sneha Bedi, at rf.governors@nhs.net.

The council of governors is not responsible for the day-to-day running of our trust, which is the responsibility of our board.

Governor elections 2024

Statement of candidates

As returning officer I give notice that the following candidates have been nominated:

Constituency Declaration of Interests
Political Party Membership
Declaration of Interests
Financial or Other Interest
Patient constituency (Two to be elected)
Ivan Cohen - -
Jamal Dardouk - -
Osarugue Fajana - -
Marika Freris - -
Dov Gerber - -
David Innes - -
Harold Isaaman - -
John Knight CBE Labour -
David Manknell KC - -
Louise Pearlman - -
Gerald Ramcharitar - -
Isaac Rono - -
Elliot Simberg Conservative -
Tatiana Votinova Conservative Party -
Public (Camden, Barnet, Enfield & Hertfordshire) constituency (One to be elected)
Tinu Adewoye - -
Ion Catuneanu The Green Party -
Adam Gheasuddin Conservative Party -
Sohaila Jalinousnia - -
Caroline Kniaz - -
Robert Kniaz - -
Oliver Leichtag - -
John Lynch - -
Alan Margolis - -
Thambirajah Navarajasegaran - -
Abdullahi Nunow Liberal democrats -
Robert Nuttall - -
Heather O’Brien - -
Eva Obeng - -
Andrew Pacey - -
Akash Patel - -
Ann Robinson Labour Party -
Alistair Stuart - -
Public (Rest of England) constituency (One to be elected)
Paul Dennis - -
Vivien Finch - -
Ruth Frederick - -
Eti Murray - -
Majlinda Xhaferraj - -
Staff constituency (One to be elected)
Alex Craggs - -
Mandy Hall - -
Ebrahim Herfeh - -
Aalaa Jawad - -
Babatunde Ogunsugba - -
Angie Ojiudu - -
Ciara Picco - -
Michael Saunders - -
Mohamed Zuhair - -


The contact address for each of the above named candidates is:

  • support@mi-voice.com
  • c/o Returning Officer, Mi-Voice, Unit 4 The Arch Building, Gaters Mill, Mansbridge Road, West End, Southampton SO18 3HW

Tony Slater, Returning Officer.