Volunteer at the Royal Free London

Become a hospital volunteer for the Royal Free Charity

Every hospital volunteer at the Royal Free helps to provide a welcoming place for hospital patients and visitors. We greatly value the time and commitment they give to improving our services.

The Royal Free Hospital's voluntary services department (acute unit) has approximately 450 volunteers who commit a minimum of three hours a week to work in a wide range of areas. 

Some of our Royal Free Hospital volunteers have been helping for many years. They come from a range of backgrounds and cultures and have many different reasons for why they want to become a hospital volunteer. We work in partnership with colleges, schools, employment projects and other local organisations, to offer volunteering opportunities to people over the age of 18.

Read more about being a volunteer, benefits and eligibility, who to contact and read our volunteer stories.

What do Royal Free Charity volunteers do?

As a hospital volunteer, you can help us in a number of ways:  

  • Massage volunteers
  • Playroom volunteers
  • Children’s ward helpers
  • Enquiry desk helpers
  • Flower arrangers
  • Garden volunteers
  • A&E support volunteers
  • Out-patient clinic voluntary services
  • Shop trolley to wards
  • The patients' and staff library
  • Chaplaincy voluntary services
  • Ward helpers
  • Cocktail-making volunteers – cancer patients
  • Mealtime support, such as feeding patients, with proper training given

New Royal Free Charity volunteer opportunities are always being developed. We will be happy to explain more about the opportunities available when you contact us.

We are recruiting Royal Free Charity volunteers

We are now recruiting hospital volunteers who are over 18 years old and live near the Royal Free Hospital for the following placements:

  • Summer placement: four weeks of the summer at three or four days a week 9.30am-4.30pm - some flexibility will be considered
  • Six-month placement: at six hours a week; can be split into two days - this can potentially be extended
  • 12-month placement: at four hours a week - must be worked consecutively
  • Some flexibility can be considered with these placements. Please indicate which placement you are interested in.

Please note that this is not work experience and does not involve any clinical work or shadowing medical staff.