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Lipid and cholesterol treatment & testing at the Royal Free: what are Lipids?

Lipids are molecules that naturally occur in the body. They are part of the building blocks that make up our human cells and protect our nerves.

Sometimes lipids are thought to be fats but even though the molecules are more complicated than that description, lipids are fatty substances. 

When lipid levels in the blood exceed normal levels, the excess of fatty substances in the blood leads to cholesterol problems. High cholesterol refers to increased lipid levels and low cholesterol the reverse. 

This is why eating a lot of foods high in bad fats, like crisps, is advised against, as they can lead to high lipid levels and cholesterol problems -  and eventually to cardiovascular disease and other health issues if high cholesterol is left untreated.

The Royal Free lipid clinic, based at the Royal Free Hospital in London, provides specialist lipid and cholesterol treatment and testing, and related cardiovascular care. 

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Referrals to the lipid clinic team can be made via a GP or hospital doctor. We regret we cannot see patients without an appointment. Electronic referrals from a GP may be made through the 'choose and book' system. Tertiary referrals (from other hospital consultants) are also available.

If you have any general enquiries about cholesterol or cardiovascular risk management, please contact the family support centre. Please note this is for clinical enquiries only. For administration enquiries, please contact the secretary.