Sexual health services


The Royal Free London offers sexual health/GUM (genito-urinary medicine) at the Clare Simpson Clinic at Barnet Hospital and Edgware Community Hospital, and at the Marlborough Clinic at the Royal Free Hospital. HIV services are available at the Clare Simpson Clinic at Barnet Hospital and at the Ian Charleson Day Centre at the Royal Free Hospital, offering care and support to people living with HIV. 

Our team offer free and confidential care across a range of services, from helping you with your contraception choice to testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections including HIV. We also provide emergency contraception and care if you think you've recently been exposed to an infection. If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of your sexual health, please drop in or give us a call.

If you are coming to one of our London sexual health clinics for sexual health screening, please read the following information before your appointment.

Patient services

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Find your ward

  • Clare Simpson Clinic

    Barnet Hospital
    1 Wellhouse Lane
    EN5 3DH

    Patient enquiries: 020 8216 4110

    Health advisers: 020 8216 4132 or 5764

    Edgware Community Hospital
    Burnt Oak Broadway
    HA8 0AD

    Patient enquiries: 020 3758 2440

    Health advisers: 020 8216 4132 or 5764

  • Ian Charleson Day Centre (HIV Services)

    Royal Free Hospital
    Pond Street
    NW3 2QG

    Appointment booking and enquiries: 020 7830 2051

    Emergency out of hours: 020 7830 2712

    ICDC nurses: 020 7830 2062

    Community nurses: 020 7830 2682

    Research nurses: 020 7472 6232

    Home delivery admin team at ICDC: 020 7472 6726

    Home delivery co. (book/check delivery): 02333 103 9857

    ICDC pharmacy: 020 7472 6263

    Out of hours enquiries (ward 11 West): 020 7830 2712

    Psychology: 020 7830 2445

  • Marlborough Clinic

    Royal Free Hospital
    Pond Street
    NW3 2QG

    Appointments: 020 7830 2047

    Make an online booking.

    Health advisers: 020 7830 2847


Referral details

To refer a patient you can:

  • Phone the reception desk 020 7794 0500 ext 38003.
  • Send the patient to the department with a brief letter.
  • Ask patient to telephone the appointments line on 020 7830 2047 or book on-line.
  • Use the sexual health EMIS LV referral form.
  • Fax/email us. Please include patients telephone number and we will phone them within one working day; fax: 020 7830 2587, email:

Letters to GPs

We do not write to the GP in all cases but we do respond to written referrals, or when the patient’s care involves their GP. If you would like information on a patient, please telephone the secretaries on 020 7830 2404.

Clinical advice

Please phone the department and ask to speak to one of our team:

  • Reception desk: 020 7794 0500 ext 38003
  • Nurses station: 020 7472 6696
  • Health advisers: 020 7830 2487

You can email the consultants on We will respond within one working day.

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