Quality accounts

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust seeks to continuously improve the care we offer patients and their experience of our services, whilst also using our resources more effectively.

Every year we are required by NHS England and NHS Improvement to produce a Quality Account report to reflect on our progress against the nationally identified indicators of patient experience, patient safety and clinical effectiveness. You can read our latest report here: 

Patient safety and quality improvement are our priorities

We hope that if you are a member of the public needing hospital treatment, sharing this quality improvement information will encourage you to choose our services.  

For clinicians, the quality accounts are intended as a resource to help you to benchmark, compare and always improve your performance.

We welcome feedback on our quality accounts. If you would like to share your views please email us at rfquality@nhs.net to let us know your thoughts. 

Patient safety – next steps

The Royal Free is committed to providing safe patient care. This is reflected in our governing objectives and our quality accounts, detailed above. We are in the process of designing a new programme for patient safety across the organisation. It will be lead by our doctors and nurses and will include existing and new projects to make the Royal Free a leader in patient safety.