Working with our staff

The Royal Free has a five-year plan to develop and work in partnership with selected partners to deliver world class expertise, local care.  Vital to this is working in partnership with our staff.

Working in partnership with our staff

The most successful health organisations are driven by partnerships of clinicians and managers, which is exactly the way we work at the Royal Free.

Delivering our five-year plan requires strong leadership and change management.  The strategy that we have in place for our workforce and our organisation underpins all of our plans for improving our patients’ healthcare. 

It includes a set of workforce plans and best practices to secure our position as an employer of choice, attracting and retaining high calibre staff to meet the healthcare needs of the communities we serve. We plan to:

  • develop the clinical leadership already established at the Royal Free
  • change the mix of skills in our workforce to deliver the changes described above, so we continuously improve our healthcare services for patients
  • improve workforce productivity through changes in working practices
  • invest in our talent pool, especially, but not only, for those who manage people and budgets
  • make the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust a great place to work.

Staff survey results, patient feedback, excellent partnership working and supporting the delivery of the service plan are all used as key indicators of success.

Find out more about working with us on the Royal Free jobs page or watch the video below.