Governor elections 2022

Could you become a Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust governor?

Governors add huge value to our trust. They are elected to represent the interests of our membership, to hold the non-executive directors to account, and to support the board of directors who are ultimately responsible for our performance.

They attend quarterly council of governors' meetings; board sub-committees which focus on a range of areas including staff and patient experience; and other groups as observers. Governors also have an opportunity to attend induction and development sessions.

We are recruiting to public, patient and staff constituencies. If you are interested in standing as a governor for your constituency, please visit the nomination webpage to find out more about the role and how to put yourself forward as a candidate. The link is:

To stand for election, you must be a member of the Royal Free London in the constituency for which you wish to stand for election.

You can view the notice of election here.

If you have any further questions about the election process, please email