Learning from patient death policy

Guidance on how we can learn from the death of a patient in our care is available in a policy which was approved by the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust board in September 2017.

The learning from death policy is available to download here.

This policy provides guidance on how the trust reports, reviews and/or investigates the death of a patient and how lessons can be learnt and shared within the organisation and across the wider NHS if appropriate. It also includes details of how we should work with families and carers.

NHS England’s National Quality Board (NQB), which was established to deliver high quality care for patients throughout the NHS and at the interface of health and social care, recently published a new national framework for NHS Trusts - 'National Guidance on Learning from Deaths' (March 2017). This is in line with the Care Quality Commission’s recommendations in its ‘Learning, Candour and Accountability’ review (Dec 2016) about how the NHS investigates patient deaths.