Our commitment to patients

At each of our London hospitals, we ensure that we are welcoming, respectful, reassuring and communicative. Our values were chosen by our patients and staff and underpin all we do.

Our staff have attended a series of world class care team sessions to explore exactly how they can ensure they are promoting these values every day in a changing environment. To do so we must respond to changes in healthcare technology, finances and, most importantly, patients' needs and expectations. 

In 2015 1,000 staff across the trust contributed to the development of the behaviour framework. Following the consultation, the 'living our values' film was made in April 2015 and features a patient’s journey through the hospital as they experience our values in practice.

Change must always begin with how we care for our patients

We know that because people are living longer, many more will need treatment for long-term conditions such as kidney disease. We know that there are great research developments on the horizon, so that we will able to do more for our patients. Our hospitals will be able to provide better treatment to cancer patients, for example, or individuals with blood disorders. And we know that if we organise ourselves differently, much of the care our patients need could be provided much closer to their homes. 

We are committed to delivering services that will not only satisfy our patients, but will also reduce costs for the health system as a whole.