Our expertise

We are a major transplantation centre for liver and kidney transplants, one of the UK’s leading centres for the diagnosis and treatment of liver disease and one of the seven liver transplant centres in the UK. 

  • We performed the first UK transplant between an adult live donor and an adult with acute liver failure. We are one of the few centres in the UK to offer liver transplants from live donors.
  • We were the first hospital in the UK and the fourth in the world to introduce a new imaging technology for breast cancer called breast positron emission tomography.
  • We have one of the UK’s leading plastic surgery units which is also a major teaching centre. The unit is a national centre of excellence for facial reanimation surgery.
  • We have one of the largest myeloma clinics in london and world class lymphoma services.
  • We have a pioneering neuroendocrine tumour unit with an international reputation which was the first centre in the UK to be awarded the status of European centre of excellence.
  • We have the only high level isolation unit for infectious diseases in the UK.