Your visit

Detailed floor plans of Chase Farm Hospital

Lower ground floor – including endoscopy

Ground floor – including outpatients, urgent care centre, imaging, older person’s assessment unit, pharmacy and Changing Places facility

First floor – including outpatients and day unit

Second and third floor – including day surgery and theatres and surgical ward

Patients and visitors can access the hospital via our two wheelchair friendly entrances – both are clearly signposted. A drop-off zone is located outside the side entrance, opposite the multi-storey car park.

Inside the hospital, we have used a combination of the latest technology, clear signage and zoning to help patients and visitors to easily find their way around. Our hospital concierge is situated in the main lobby and volunteers will be located around the hospital to help you find your way. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Checking in for your outpatient or diagnostic test appointment 

On arrival to the hospital, patients can check-in for their appointment using the interactive self-service kiosks.

Using the kiosks is easy, you simply:

  • scan the barcode at the top of your appointment letter or
  • enter your name and address or date of birth into the kiosk and follow the prompts.

The kiosk will signpost you to a specific zone and waiting area for you to wait in, for example, Zone A waiting area 1. When your healthcare professional is ready to see you, your name and the clinic room number will be displayed on a call screen. Please make your way to this room for your appointment.

Kiosks are located in the following areas and you can use any one to check in for your outpatient appointment:

  • Side entrance – opposite multistorey park, ground floor
  • Ground floor, zone E
  • First floor, zones K, L, M, P
  • For imaging appointments only, zone D
  • For paediatric appointments only, zone B

Having a blood test

If you are visiting Chase Farm Hospital for a blood test, you can check in for your appointment using any of our self-service kiosks. You will be directed to a zone and waiting area, and called for your appointment via a call screen.

Endoscopy appointments

The endoscopy unit is located in Zone A on the lower ground floor of the hospital. Patients will need to check-in at the reception desk in Zone A for their endoscopy appointment.

Attending the day unit

Our day unit is located in Zone O on the first floor of the hospital. Day unit patients should check in at the reception desk in the zone when they arrive.

Coming in for an operation

On arrival to the hospital, please take the main stairs or lifts to the second floor and check in at the theatres reception desk. A member of staff will show you to the patient waiting area until your surgical team are ready to see you.

Welcome to the new Chase Farm Hospital booklet

Detailed floor plans of the hospital can be found at the back of the booklet.