An apprenticeship is a work based training programme which provides a set of recognised vocational skills and knowledge. Apprenticeship standards are developed by actual practitioners and employers so relate to the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to do that job. They are linked to occupations and are fully funded under our apprenticeship levy.  If you do not have English and maths GCSEs then the programme will include an equivalent qualification in those subjects called Functional Skills.

All apprenticeships are achieved by passing the end point assessment.  This is taken at the end of the programme when you are ready and will usually consist of some kind of test, a presentation of work with a professional discussion and /or observation of practice. The approved Assessor that makes that judgement will be independent of both the Trust and the training provider.

Apprentices are entitled to a 30% discount on their Oyster Travelcard providing they live in a London borough

Apprenticeships are for anyone over the age of 16, providing you haven’t got an apprenticeship or qualification already in that same subject and level.  Here at the Royal Free London apprenticeships are an opportunity for both new and existing staff.  New staff apprentices will have a slightly reduced salary during the apprenticeship but it rises to the normal salary for that role on completion of the apprenticeship.

This has been the best experience for me and I would always recommend this opportunity to anyone who wants a career.


This is a great opportunity that will give you the qualifications and skills you need in the field you're studying. My apprenticeship at the Royal Free London has been wonderful and I would recommend it.

Apprenticeship Vacancies 

All of our apprenticeship vacancies can be found on the Royal Free London jobs pages