Gaby Mond

Gaby is a junior doctor working on Rainbow Ward at Barnet Hospital and features episode six of Hospital.

Gaby studied medicine at the University of Birmingham, qualifying in 2018. She was working in the infectious diseases team at North Manchester General when the pandemic started and was moved to work in ICU.

She said: “It was my first time working in intensive care so it was a complete new environment. I had to get used to a lot of different skills. Every patient there had COVID-19 and was on a ventilator, so it was a different working environment from what I was used to. I was doing a lot of night shifts and weekends.

“Then I moved to Barnet Hospital in August – I’m from London so I wanted to move closer to home.”

Gaby initially worked at the ED and then in October moved to Rainbow Ward, where Barnet’s covid and query-covid patients are cared for.

She said: “Rainbow ward is very busy, but it’s a really lovely team, everyone is supportive. Thankfully we now have some proven treatments for our patients, which we didn’t have in spring, and we now generally have a better understanding of how to manage covid”

“However we are still finding there is so much we don’t understand about this disease and it can be an extremely distressing illness for the patients and for the staff treating them.

“I’m so pleased we now have the vaccine as it’s an important step in moving our lives back to normal”

In February Gaby will be moving Adelaide in Australia to get some experience there. “I’m going to work in A&E there for a year, but I’ll return to the UK after that”