Your glasses prescription and voucher form

You have been given a voucher (HES 3) by the hospital to help pay towards part of the cost of your child’s glasses. The hospital routinely provides one voucher for the year.

Below is a copy of your child’s prescription:

Copy of child's prescription.
  Sph Cyl Axis  
Right       Reading

How to get your child’s glasses made?

It is important that you take your child and the prescription voucher to your local opticians. This is to select the glasses frames in the best size for your child.

It is also important to take your child when you go back to collect the spectacles in case small adjustments need to be made to ensure the glasses fit. The optician will let you know how much the voucher is worth.

You may find that your child initially complains that their vision is worse when wearing the new glasses. This is common in the early days; however please persevere as it may take several weeks for your child to adapt to their new glasses.

It is very important that glasses fit children well. Adjustments often need to be made. If your child complains their glasses are no longer comfortable, or if you notice their glasses are slipping down their nose or are bent, take your child and the glasses back to the opticians. They will be happy to make the necessary adjustments.

If your child loses or breaks their glasses

You are entitled to repairs and a replacement for your child’s glasses up to one year after being given the voucher. You do not need to get another voucher from the hospital for this service. Simply take your child back to the optician who dispensed the glasses. They will arrange this for you using the repair and replacement (pink) voucher. This will be provided by your local opticians.

Your child’s appointment

The Royal Free London runs eye clinics for children at Barnet Hospital, Edgware Community Hospital, and the Royal Free Hospital. If you need to change or cancel your appointment at any hospital, please call 020 7443 9757. You can also cancel or change your appointment online.