What is continuity of carer?

Midwifery continuity of carer is an approach to maternity care at the Royal Free London where women are looked after by one midwife for most of their pregnancy, during birth and postnatally. This approach has been shown to offer major benefits for mothers and babies including significant reduction in miscarriages and pre-term births.

How will this benefit me and my baby?

Women receiving this type of care are more likely to:

  • Have a strong relationship with their midwife and pregnancy team.
  • Have better outcomes as problems can be picked up early and addressed.
  • Give birth to a healthy baby at full term (36 weeks).
  • Have a better experience of maternity care.
  • Receive more personalised care.

What happens next?

At the Royal Free London, we are rolling out continuity of carer within our maternity services. You will be told at your booking appointment if you will be receiving this type of care and you will meet your named midwife.

Your midwife will ensure you have all the information you will need throughout your pregnancy so you can plan your care together. You will be invited to have regular appointments with your midwife, and you will have many opportunities to meet the team who will be caring for you. If necessary, your midwife will arrange an appointment with a named obstetrician.