What is the virtual fracture clinic?

Our fracture clinics are redesigned to offer you a safe and effective process for assessing your injury without needing you to come into hospital. Coming to a traditional, face-to-face fracture clinic can be unnecessary in many cases, and often difficult due to the pain and immobility you may experience.

The clinical team you have been seen by in the emergency department feel your injury should be reviewed by a specialist. This will take place in our virtual fracture clinic. Rather than coming into a physical fracture clinic in-person, the orthopaedic team review clinical records virtually and then contact patients via telephone to discuss how to manage their injuries.

How will my virtual assessment take place?

Your x-ray(s) and initial assessment will be reviewed by the orthopaedic team within three days of your visit to the emergency department in the virtual fracture clinic.

An orthopaedic nurse or physiotherapist will then contact you by phone after the virtual assessment to discuss your treatment and provide advice. They may need to arrange a follow-up appointment in the most appropriate clinic for your needs.

You will receive the phone call between 8am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Please be aware the call may come up as an unknown or private number. If you are not available, a voicemail will be left where possible.

Please ensure the hospital has your correct contact details before leaving the emergency department.

Please note, you do not need to attend the hospital for the virtual assessment to take place.

After your assessment

Following the call, both you and your GP will receive a letter outlining your assessment and the outcome.

Virtual fracture clinic alternatives

In some circumstances, it is not possible for a virtual fracture clinic assessment to take place. In this event, you will be contacted by phone and a face-to-face appointment will be booked.