What symptoms might I feel?

You may experience a sore throat; this is nothing to worry about. The soreness should pass in 24 hours. Drinking fluids may help. You may also take a mild painkiller such as paracetamol or aspirin. The soreness may persist for longer if you are having the 24 hour pH test, but should resolve once the tube is removed the next day.

When can I eat and drink?

You should wait for one hour after the local anaesthetic was given (see time given above). You can eat and drink normally after that.

What about my medications?

You can take your medications normally unless you are having a 24 hour pH study, in which case you will most likely be advised to stop anti-acid medication until the test is completed.

What symptoms should I worry about?

Complications after oesophageal manometry are extremely rare, so please do not be concerned. Should you experience severe chest pain or vomit blood, contact your GP or go to your nearest emergency department.

How will I get the results of this test?

The results will be sent to the doctor who referred you. If you do not have a follow-up appointment, one will be arranged for you. If you have any queries about further appointments, please contact the service you under the care of. Their contact details can be found on your appointment letter.