What does my ‘normal hearing’ result mean for me?

The results of your hearing test have come back as being within normal hearing limits. This means your auditory pathway, which factors in all three parts of the ear (your peripheral hearing pathway), is working well and is healthy. It is important to make sure you continually protect your hearing to preserve its functioning.

I am still finding it difficult to hear in certain situations, what can be done?

It is unlikely you will have any significant benefits from hearing aid amplification at this time, because your hearing does not fully meet the aid-able range of our current hearing aids. However, there are other interventions which can be applied to help with your hearing concerns.

One situation we find can be challenging for our patients with normal hearing is when watching the TV, the volume associated with certain programmes and even different channels can vary. The use of a sound bar is beneficial for this situation. Please see the sound bar leaflet in your information pack.

Another situation patients report troublesome is hearing in noisy places such as pubs, restaurants, and family gatherings. The use of good communication tactics will ease the ability to converse in these situations. Please see the good communications tactic leaflet in your information pack.

You can find more information about communication tactics on the Royal National Institute for Deaf People website. We can also provide you with printed information should you need this.

What further options do I have?

Some patients may benefit from an onward referral to ENT. Others may choose to work on improving communication strategies. Some may choose to invest in technology which help assist in troublesome situations.

Others opt to try a combination of these management options while, some feel this is not required, opting to monitor their hearing and contacting us again as needed in the future.