Tell us

Tell the nurse or doctor looking after you if you have fallen in the last year, are worried about falling, or have a history of falls.

Call us

Use your call bell if you need help to move, if you need help going to the toilet.

Your glasses

Make sure glasses are clean and used as prescribed. Ask for help if you are having trouble seeing.

Walking aids

Use your usual walking aid, keep it close by and check for wear and tear on the rubber feet. Never lean on hospital furniture as it’s often on wheels.

Getting up

When getting up:

  1. Sit upright for a few moments on the edge of your bed before standing.
  2. Get up slowly and making sure you feel steady before walking.

Do some simple leg exercises before getting up from your bed or chair:

  1. Point your toes and release a few times.
  2. Tighten the muscles in your calves and then release them move your legs up and down if you can, to get the circulation going.


If you feel dizzy – stop, sit down, and let the ward staff know.

Food and drink

Drink regularly and eat well.

Your surroundings

Be familiar with your bedside environment. Ask for clutter to be moved if your path isn’t clear.


Make sure your shoes or slippers fit well, grip well and cannot fall off.

Bathroom and toilets

Take care in the bathroom and toilet. Ask for help if you need assistance.

Risk assessments

It is also important to make sure that you receive a falls risk assessment – see ‘What should hospitals be doing?’