An appointment has been made for you to attend our hospital to have a repair done to your hearing aid(s).

Please note that repair appointments should only be booked if you require:

  • A service to be done on your hearing aid(s).
  • Replacement aid/s for faulty or lost hearing aid(s).
  • Additional programmes be added/removed to your hearing aid(s).
  • Volume control to be added/removed from your hearing aid(s).
  • New ear mould/s to be fitted.
  • An impression to be taken to make new ear mould(s).

We will not be able to test your hearing or fine tune the sound quality of your hearing aid/s in this appointment.

If you are not able to attend the repair clinic in person you are welcome to post your hearing aid/s via recorded delivery to us, along with your brown battery book and a note of what has gone wrong. We will aim to repair your hearing aid/s within 48 hours of receiving the package and will post it back to your home address via recorded delivery.

If it is more convenient and you can retube your hearing aid(s) yourself, please let us know and we will post the required accessories to you.

Before the appointment

Please ensure that your ears are free of wax prior to the appointment by consulting with your GP. The appointment may not be able to be completed if there is earwax present in your ears.

If you feel you do not need this appointment, please contact the audiology team using the contact details below. If you require additional support for the appointment, for example an interpreter or patient transport, please contact us in advance.

Important information about COVID-19

You must let us know if you think you have symptoms of COVID-19 (coronavirus) including a high temperature, new continuous cough, or loss or change in your sense of smell or taste. Up to date information on symptoms is available from the NHS website.

As part of our additional infection control and prevention measures, you will be contacted the day before your appointment to be screened. On arrival to the hospital, you may be asked some screening questions before you enter the building and have your temperature checked.

Before you travel to the hospital for your appointment, please ensure you wear a face mask. You will need to always wear your face mask during your hospital visit. Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use at all our entrances.

During the appointment

An associate audiologist/audiologist will call you into the consultation room and ask you some questions so they can build a picture of what has been going wrong with your hearing aid/s. As well as examining both of your ears the clinician will complete a series of checks on your hearing aid/s so they can identify and rectify the problem. Once the issue has been resolved, we can summarise what was identified and what was done to correct it.

Please feel free to bring any prepared questions that you may have, similarly if any questions arise during the appointment which you would like to discuss, please ask. The clinician will be more than happy to answer them.

The appointment will last approximately 15 minutes.