Before the appointment

If you feel that you do not need this appointment or that you need to reschedule your telephone appointment, please contact the audiology team. If you require additional support for the appointment, for example an interpreter, please contact us in advance.

During your appointment

An associate audiologist will call you at your allotted time on the number you confirmed when you were last in the department. Once identification checks have been completed the appointment will proceed. During your telephone consultation the associate audiologist will ask you a variety of questions in relation to your hearing aid/s. The questions will cover:

  • Overall daily usage of your hearing aid/s
  • Insertion and removal
  • Comfort of the device/s
  • Sound quality
  • Whether you feel your hearing has improved with the hearing aid(s)
  • Regular maintenance
  • Overall satisfaction

Your answers will allow the associate audiologist to determine whether you are doing well and can continue as you are or whether a face-to-face appointment is needed so that we can adapt the settings on your hearing aid/s or amend certain parts to ensure you are receiving the full benefits of them.

Please feel free to prepare any questions that you may have, the associate audiologist will be more than happy to answer them.

Your appointment will last approximately 30 minutes.