How can PALS help me?

How can the patient advice and liaison service help me?

If you would like to contact our PALS teams, please visit our PALS contact page.

Our PALS team performs a number of duties. These include:

  • Advice on getting to the hospital and advice about hospital healthcare
  • Guiding patients, their carers and relatives through the different services available
  • Helping disabled users experiencing problems accessing the trust’s hospital services
  • Supporting patients with learning disabilities and their carers
  • Offering on the spot advice and information if you have queries about medical care
  • Listening to your suggestions for improving medical services and health care 
  • Responding to your concerns if you are unhappy with an aspect of your health care
  • Dealing with your problems in confidence
  • Giving advice about the complaints process and deal with problems confidentially
  • Assisting in arranging communication support for patients with a hearing impairment

The PALS team will contact you within two working days of your approach to our service. 

We will also: 

  • Help you to resolve your problem on the ward or in the clinic
  • Talk to staff on your behalf
  • Refer you to outside advocacy services should you need them
  • Ensure that the quality of service respects users’ rights, dignity and cultural values

Care Connect: gathering feedback about patient experience

NHS England is developing a new service with a working title of Care Connect. The service will be an integrated customer service platform, which will allow the public to flag an issue that needs resolving, ask a question and provide feedback on their experiences of NHS services.

The Royal Free Hospital was one of 17 London hospitals piloting the Care Connect model. Once NHS England publish their findings from the pilot, we will make them available here.

Patient advice and liaison service annual reports and policy for the Royal Free London

View or download the PALS annual reports: