Emotional support

Our Macmillan information and support specialists can offer information and a confidential listening service to anyone affected by cancer. We can also let you about other useful organisations that can help you deal with the emotional impact of cancer. We can also refer you for psychosocial support if needed. 



If you are receiving treatment for cancer at one of our hospitals, you can access counselling through the Royal Free London Trust oncology psychological support service.

For patients receiving treatment at the Royal Free Hospital:

0207 794 0500 ext 35395


For patients recieving treatment at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals:

0208 216 4065


Other emotional support

We have up-to-date information on other forms of emotional support available either through our hospitals or closer to your home or workplace. These include support groups, workshops and activities such as yoga and relaxation techniques. Please ask us for details.



Cancer Wellbeing London has produced a number of videos which you may find useful and help to manage your emotional wellbeing:

Cancer and Emotional Wellbeing - discusses emotional wellbeing, how to cope with emotions and feelings, and suggestions on where to get help.

Fear of Recurrence - discusses fear of cancer recurrence, recognising and identifying worry, and where to find more support.