Useful carer organisations

Local support services

Barnet Carers Centre
The centre offers support to carers who live or work in the London Borough of Barnet and are a member of the collaborative Barnet Carers Hub. Visit the Barnet Carers Centre website.

Camden Care Choices
Provides information and advice to adult and young carers on a number of topics including carer’s assessments, planning for crisis and finance. Visit the Camden Care Choices website.

Camden Carers Service (CCS)
CCS offers information and confidential advice and support to unpaid adult carers living, working or studying in Camden. CCS can also put carers in touch with a wide range of services provided by other local organisations and agencies working with carers in Camden. Visit the Camden Carers Service website.

Centre 404
Centre 404 is a charity that offers support to people with a learning disability and their families in north London. They provide information and advice to carers, and also run regular informal discussion groups and workshops where carers can meet and talk to one another. Visit the Centre 404 website.

Enfield Carers Centre
The centre offers support and advice for all unpaid carers in the London Borough of Enfield. Information leaflets are available to pick up at Chase Farm Hospital. Visit the Enfield Carers Centre website.

Islington Carers Hub
The hub provides advice, information and support to carers aged 18 or over who live or work in Islington or care for someone living in Islington. Visit the Islington Carers Hub website.

National support services

Admiral Nursing
Helpline run by specialist nurses offering dementia advice and support. Visit the Admiral Nursing website.

Age UK
Provides advice for older people on benefits, care and housing options. They also have a range of carer’s information leaflets available for download. Visit the Age UK website.

Alzheimer’s society
Provides information to carers who look after people with dementia. Visit the Alzheimer’s society website.

Carers Trust
Carers Trust have a range of online communities carers can join for support, information, friendship and to speak to other carers. Visit the Carers Trust website.

Carers UK
Carers UK can provide help and advice on a number of areas including finance, practical support, health and wellbeing, working and caring. They have a number of useful information leaflets available for download. Visit the Carers UK website.

The Children’s Society
Provides a map of young carers projects around the UK. Visit The Children’s Society website.

Kidney cancer UK
Provides information and support for kidney cancer patients and their carers. Visit the Kidney cancer UK website.

Information and support for carers of people with cancer. Visit the Macmillan website.

The trust also has three Macmillan Cancer information and support service centres, one at each of our three main hospitals.

Provides support and advice to people with a learning disability, and their families and carers. Visit the Mencap website.

NHS Choices
NHS Choices has produced a guide for carers on Carer’s Allowance and other available benefits. Visit the NHS Choices website.

Parkinson’s UK
Support services for adult and young carers of people with Parkinson’s disease in the UK. Visit the Parkinson’s UK website.