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Improving our services

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust is committed to working in partnership with the public, the local community and every patient to make sure that medical services at our hospitals are suited to our patients' needs. We believe strongly in our patients getting involved in how we do this.

Our patients know best when it comes to choosing their hospital. We want to be the first choice for more patients, so we encourage as many as possible to provide us with feedback so we can work out how to improve.

Become a trust member

Membership is a great way of strengthening your bond with the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, which covers Barnet, Chase Farm and the Royal Free hospitals – and it’s free to join! Become a trust member today

Membership means we can keep you up to date with the latest developments and news from across the trust, invite you to events and ask for your feedback. You can also vote in our council of governor elections or stand for election as a trust governor yourself.

Volunteer at our hospitals

Hospital volunteers at the Royal Free London help to provide a welcoming place for patients and visitors.

Find out more about our volunteering service.

Patient and carer involvement

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust is committed to working in partnership with patients, the public and local communities to ensure that its services are both relevant and responsive to local needs.

We strive to have patients and carers involved in making decisions about the commissioning, planning, design and reconfiguration of health services (either as design partners or through consultation). This is known as patient/carer co-design where staff and patients are brought together in partnership to explore findings and work in small groups to identify and implement changes that will improve the care pathway. Patient involvement tasks could include:

  • sharing experiences through interviews, observations and group discussion
  • reviewing the impact of a quality improvement plan in response to feedback/success of new health service
  • reviewing patient experience reports/data
  • reviewing revised or new patient information to ensure it is written in clear, user-friendly language

Find out more about patient and carer involvement at our Royal Free hospitals and how you can get involved.

Patient experience

We make changes to our services as a result of patient choice, patient opinion and patient feedback. We need to seek and understand your views, so that we can work towards meeting your needs and expectations.

Read more about patient experience