Volunteer at the Royal Free London

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust is supported by a team of hundreds of dedicated and skilled volunteers who are coordinated by the Royal Free, Barnet and Chase Farm Charities. Volunteers work closely with staff to ensure that every patients experience is the best it can be. Volunteers lend a helping hand to compliment the work of hospital staff and provide a welcoming environment for patients and visitors.

“I volunteer here because I accompanied 3 friends to hospital this year and it was so stressful that when I saw that I could volunteer I thought, that I could help make things easier for people, than they were for me.”

Volunteers have the chance to improve the lives of others by befriending a dementia patient, helping hospital visitors navigate the many miles of corridors in the hospitals, chatting with patients while serving coffee and teas, creating beautiful gardens for patients to enjoy, making patients feel better with a new look or haircut, selling sweets and treats to those who can’t leave their ward.....and much, much more.

For more details about volunteering at our hospitals please visit the volunteering pages on the charity website for more information.