Volunteer stories

The Royal Free London has 600 volunteers working across our three sites, in 57 different roles. Learn more about being a volunteer.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering please visit our volunteering pages: https://www.royalfreecharity.org/get-involved/volunteering

Find out more about some of our volunteers by reading their stories below.

Cheery Paul an asset to the volunteering team

"Paul is a dedicated, reliable young man who takes his role of guiding people around the hospital to clinics and departments extremely seriously."

Read Paul's story.


"I feel we are inextricably linked"

"Betty Hicks was born at the Royal Free Hospital and now acts in the capacity of a voluntary English language teacher for the voluntary services department."

Read Betty's story.


Peter, a friend and a listener

"When I started volunteering over a year ago I wanted to try to alleviate some of the loneliness and boredom I knew many patients would be feeling. I wanted to be a listener, a friend or simply a visitor to any patient that had none."

Read Peter's story.


“It’s nice to give a little.”

A lot of the patients are around the same age as me and so they like to chat with me, it makes them feel more comfortable.

Read Maria's story.


“I’ve been able to help so many people.”

I actually worked at the Royal Free for 20 years as an administrator and following my retirement three years ago I took two weeks holiday before returning as a volunteer! I wanted to be with people, helping them, rather than working at a computer.

Read Elaine's story.


“A smile from a patient is worth a million dollars!”

"I spent 40 years working in retail and when I took early retirement I wanted to continue to work with people and make a difference."

Read Arvind's story.