Overseas visitors

Overseas visitors who need healthcare while in England may not be entitled to free healthcare from the national health service.

Find out about methods of payment available to overseas visitors.

To ensure that the Department of Health charging regulations are properly implemented and applied to all overseas visitors using the trust's services, the Royal Free London has an overseas visitors team.

Overseas visitors seeking healthcare while in England may be interviewed by one of the overseas visitors team, who will ask for various documentation in order to demonstrate lawful and current residence in the UK, which entitles you to use the NHS free of charge. Documents requested include items such as your passport and visa, utility bills, European Health Insurance Card, payslips, proof of benefits and council tax bill. For those that are visiting England and are not entitled to healthcare from the NHS, medical treatment will only be provided if deemed clinically urgent or immediately necessary, and payment will be required.

It is the responsibility of the patient to provide evidence, when requested, to demonstrate that they are entitled to free NHS treatment. When evidence is not provided, treatment will be charged for.

If you would like to find out more, please contact our overseas visitors team via the contact details below:

  • Barnet Hospital: 020 8216 4623
  • Chase Farm Hospital: 020 8375 1671
  • Royal Free Hospital: 020 7472 6636
  • rf.ovt@nhs.net

Read more about methods of payment available to overseas visitors.