Friends and family test

Friends and family test (FFT)

Across the NHS, patients are being asked if they would recommend hospitals to friends or family if they needed similar healthcare or treatment. Your feedback is important to us, so if you are an adult and have been discharged from hospital in the past 48 hours, you may be contacted by telephone and asked to take part in the FFT.

What is the (FFT)?

The FFT was introduced by the government to help improve patient experience.  It is an easy-to-understand question that is asked of patients about the healthcare they have received at the hospitals in our trust. The FFT enables NHS organisations to gather regular feedback from their patients about the healthcare they received and to act on the feedback.

You will be asked: “How likely are you to recommend the ward or department you attended to friends and family if they needed similar healthcare or treatment?”

Then there is a follow up question asking: “Please can you tell us the main reason for the score you have given?”

You will be contacted by telephone and asked the FFT question within 48 hours of discharge.  In order to do this, your name; date of birth; telephone number and the ward you stayed on will be shared with the company, ERS Connect, who make the phone calls on behalf of the trust.  If you would prefer not to receive the telephone call, or for your details not to be shared, please contact the patient experience office

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The patient experience team ensure that the results of the FFT are collated, reported on and shared with the relevant departments and management teams, so that action can be taken and the results feed into existing improvement plans.