Lounge for discharged patients

We have a discharge lounge at the Royal Free Hospital and Barnet Hospital which provides a comfortable, safe environment and better experience for our in-patients on their way home.

The discharge lounge at the Royal Free Hospital

The discharge lounge at the Royal Free Hospital

The discharge lounge at the Royal Free Hospiital

At the Royal Free Hospital, the discharge lounge is located on the ground floor near the blood tests department, and is open from 9am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. It is staffed by a nurse and two healthcare assistants.

To get to the lounge, walk past the main lifts just after the WHSmith and turn left, following the directions to Cardiology and Blood tests. You will see the lounge just past the service lifts.

The lounge staff are happy to collect medications and discharge summaries from pharmacy, once the patient is in the lounge. They can also collect patients from the ward once they are ready to go to the discharge lounge.

As well as the usual refreshments, hot meals are available on request. Sandwiches, fresh fruit and juice can also be provided on request.

The discharge lounge at Barnet Hospital

The discharge lounge is located on level two and is open from 9am-9pm, Monday-Friday. It is staffed by a nurse, a healthcare assistant and a dedicated porter.

The discharge lounge at the Barnet hospital

This bright and spacious area provides a comfortable and pleasant experience for in-patients on their way home and is equipped with comfortable chairs, including recliners. There is a disabled toilet, with a raised seat. The lounge has the capability to book patients’ transport home and provide medications to take away and discharge summaries.

Refreshments and entertainment

The lounge is able to provide tea, coffee, sandwiches, fresh fruit and juice. There is a microwave to heat food if required.

There is a TV in the lounge, plus magazines and the daily Metro for patients to read whilst they are waiting to go home.

The old discharge lounge is being reconfigured as a satellite pharmacy which will provide take-away medications and further contribute to patients leaving hospital more efficiently.