Going home from hospital

Part of ensuring the best possible care for you is arranging a smooth discharge when you  leave the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

Download our 'Preparing to leave hospital' booklet, which provides detailed information about how you can help us to plan and prepare for your discharge from one of our hospitals.

Who does the Royal Free contact before my discharge from hospital?

We are careful to ensure that proper arrangements have been made before your discharge from hospital.

Your doctor (GP) will know that you have gone home and what medical treatment you have received during your stay with us. We also contact your next of kin to make sure you are expected at home.  

An out-patient appointment may be made for you. This means coming back to hospital for one of our clinics to receive advice or treatment. Clinic appointments will either be made before you leave or sent to you later.

Your ward sister is responsible for you leaving your ward, and will make necessary arrangements before you go home from hospital. 

What about medicines after my hospital discharge?

You will be discharged with up to four weeks' supply of medicines. A pharmacist or nurse will explain your medicines to you before you leave hospital. 

Should you have any further questions please ask the pharmacist or call our medicines information helpline on 020 7830 2983 (10am - 5pm).

If you brought medicines with you into hospital, these will be used over the course of your medical treatment with us, if possible. Your medicines will be re-supplied when you leave.

Your doctor (GP) will be sent a hospital discharge summary. Details of your medicines will then be included in your patient records. 

Extra support when you are discharged from hospital

Some patients need further help, such as care at home, meals on wheels, or a district nurse. We will happily discuss any homecare options with you and your carers. 

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Preparing to leave hospital