Stop smoking

We understand that many people who smoke really want to quit in order to improve their health. This is important not just for people with health conditions that have been impacted by smoking, but also for people who are still well but at risk of smoking related illness. There are many forms of medication that can help you stop smoking. You can get additional support through self-help materials, your local pharmacy or GP and in some boroughs, community support.

National smokefree

The NHS provides lots of ways to help you stop smoking. Visit NHS Smokefree for help, tips, ideas and support giving up smoking or visit the NHS Choices website to find your local stop smoking service. Telephone 0300 123 1044 or text-phone 0300 123 1014

Camden Smokefree

SmokefreelifeCamden is a free stop smoking service commissioned by Camden Council. Visit their website to find out more or contact them on 0800 107 0401 or 0203 317 3861. You can also get more information by texting the word 'QUIT' to 66777.