​Nicotine minis

Nicotine minis are a form of nicotine replacement which is used to help people stop smoking by replacing the nicotine you get from cigarettes. This helps reduce your urge to smoke, allowing you to continue with breaking the psychological habit of smoking. The nicotine is released from the mini and absorbed into the bloodstream from the lining of your mouth.

How do I use nicotine minis?

Suck the mini for a minute and then place it by the side of your mouth next to the lining of your cheek. It will dissolve slowly over 10-20 minutes. You may feel a hot sensation against your cheek; this is nicotine being absorbed through the lining of your gums. When this sensation stops, suck the mini again and place back by your cheek. DO NOT CHEW.

How frequently should I use nicotine minis?

Whenever you have a craving or in anticipation of a craving. If you are experiencing an intense craving, then you can use two minis at the same time. You may feel a little nauseous when doing this if the amount of nicotine is too much; in which case simply spit them out. The nausea will subside in about 15 minutes. The maximum recommended dose is 20 minis in 24 hours.

Which strength nicotine mini should I use?

The minis vary in strength depending on the company who makes them. Minis can come in 1mg, 1.5mg, 2mg and 4mg. If you smoke less than 20 per day then use the 1mg or 1.5mg strength. If you smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day then use the 2mg or 4mg minis. This is a rough guide so use the strength that feels right for you.

What flavours are available?

The minis come in two flavours which are mint and cherry, depending on the brand of mini.

Possible side effects of nicotine minis

  • dry throat/sore mouth
  • sore throat/cough
  • unpleasant taste/ hot sensation in mouth
  • mouth ulcers
  • heartburn
  • hiccups
  • stomach upset/indigestion
  • flatulence
  • breathlessness

Very rarely some people experience an allergic reaction such as wheeziness, tightness of chest, rash and/or feeling faint.

Some of these side effects may be caused by taking too many mini’s, in which case just reduce the amount that you are using.