Visiting a patient at the Royal Free London

You are very welcome to visit family or friends who are in hospital for medical treatment at our trust. Please remember that, as well as visitors, people who are in hospital need rest, calm and quiet. You can help us by:

  • keeping noise levels down on the hospital ward
  • having no more than two visitors at a hospital bed
  • leaving quietly at the end of visiting hours.

Visiting hours vary from ward to ward, so please check by contacting the nursing staff or speaking to them at the hospital before you start your journey. Find a ward.

Visiting hours

Find out how to get to our hospitals.

Smoke-free trust

We are a smoke-free trust and smoking and vaping are not permitted on our grounds. If you smoke and would like some support to stop smoking, please ask your doctor to refer you to our friendly and supportive stop smoking team. Find out more about our stop smoking service.

Information for patients expecting visitors

If you are a patient with us, you may have questions about how your friends and family can get in touch with you.

Can people ring me while I’m in hospital?

At the Royal Free Hospital, your family and friends are welcome to call the hospital ward to find out how you are. They should call 020 7794 0500 and ask for the ward by name.

Please consider asking one member of your family or a friend to co-ordinate enquiries. This reduces the number of calls for our hospital staff.

It is best to call after midday, if possible. Messages for patients can be left with hospital staff on the ward.

Can people write to me on the hospital ward?

Yes. Please ask friends and relatives to use your full name, and the name of the ward where you are receiving your medical treatment.

Find the addresses of the hospitals in our trust.

If you would like to send letters yourself, please hand them to a hospital nurse. At the Royal Free Hospital, you can use the Royal Mail post box next to the cashpoint machine on the ground floor.