Clinical research and development strategy 2017 -20

Our 2017-2020 clinical R&D strategy was approved by the board in April 2017.

This inaugural clinical research and development strategy outlines the course RFL must take over the next three years to fulfil its clinical research obligations to its patients, staff, the NHS and the wider economy. It is fully aligned to the trust strategic direction, particularly in respect to the strategic objectives of achieving excellent outcomes in clinical services, research and teaching, excellent experience for our patients and staff, and continual development of a strong and highly capable organisation. It presents a clear and measurable plan to ensure that the moderate clinical research success achieved to date can be built upon and enhanced to fulfil the trust objective of being a top 10% NHS research provider.

The strategy has been informed through extensive consultation with key internal and external stakeholders and by surveying the opinions of 65 trust principal investigators, 714 patients and 148 staff and can be downloaded to read here.