Getting involved in research

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust has an International reputation for clinical research and has a long history of pioneering, world-leading clinical research into disease which has had revolutionary outcomes for patients.

We are a founder member of UCLPartners (UCLP), one of five accredited academic health science systems in the UK.  The purpose of UCLP is to translate cutting-edge research and innovation into measurable health gain for patients and populations in London, across the UK and globally.

This thriving research community of leading scientists, doctors and health care professionals are conducting world-class research in a number of disease areas with over 400 research studies and trials currently taking place within the trust.

Clinical research is a vital part of the work of the NHS and provides evidence about “what works”.   Our patients are at the centre of all our research, which we use to make a valuable difference to people’s lives. Underpinning all research is the aim to improve disease outcomes, treatments, care pathways and vital services.   We work with patients as both volunteers in research studies and clinical drug trials but also to help us design studies drawing on patients invaluable experience of living with disease that informs the direction healthcare services often need to follow. 

The Royal Free London is dedicated to making research both relevant and accessible to patients, carers, families and the general public.  We cannot do any of this invaluable work without the involvement of patients and members of the public and their willingness to be part of research.