Dr Gao studied medicine at University of Cambridge, achieving a Masters in physiology and development. She studied clinical medicine at University College London and graduated with distinction. She ranked second nationally for competitive entry to dermatology specialist training.

He is a substantive consultant at Royal Free Hospital where her interests include early detection of skin cancer, skin surgery, hair conditions, acne and general dermatology such as eczema, psoriasis and pigmentary disorders. She leads a specialist clinic managing skin conditions in oncology patients. She has led a tertiary hair clinic managing complex patients experiencing hair loss and scalp conditions.

Dr Gao is experienced in treating skin cancer and melanoma (including early detection and prevention). She performs full skin assessments and mole checks to diagnose malignant lesions and skin cancer. Dr Gao can perform cryotherapy, skin biopsies, cautery and curettage, skin excisions and remove benign lesions.




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