I have been a Consultant transplant and general surgeon since 2019. In that time, despite a global pandemic, I have advanced my role into lead for vascular access, lead for training and development and qualified as a Royal College of Pathologists Medical Examiner in October 2020. I currently work a job plan with UCL medical school commitments surplus to this. Indeed the recognition of my medical education portfolio in the last 3 years has resulted in my Honorary Associate Professor status from August 2022. Outside of my clinical and education acumen, I have a history in business development starting with my chief resident training at Churchill College, Cambridge in 2016 as part of their MBA course. In my current clinical lead roles, I am versed in negotiation for both patient safety and efficiency whilst striving to achieve world class care. I have log book with over 3000 cases, the highlight of which are multi organ retrievals, renal transplants and complex vascular access.

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