Dr Ahmed is a consultant haematologist at the Royal Free Hospital. He completed training in haematology at the Bart’s and the London Hospitals. Post accreditation he worked at St Marys Hospital and Kings College Hospital gaining experience in blood disorders like myelodysplasia and bone marrow failure syndromes.

More recently he has worked at University College London Hospital treating patients with Chronic Leukaemias like CLL and other lymphoproliferative disorders.

He has extensive research interests having conducted full-time research at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford (2001-2004), completing his Ph.D thesis in molecular haematology. He currently runs a dedicated weekly anaemia and rare anaemia clinic at Royal Free Hospital. Momin Ahmed is research active in the area of red cell disorders, molecular haematology and personalised medicine. He has published many papers in peer-reviewed journals.





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Research interests include rare anaemias and inherited bone marrow failure symptoms.