Dr Evans studied medicine at Cambridge University and University College London Medical School, qualifying in 2007. He undertook general medical training in London and Melbourne, Australia before his specialty training in Nephrology in North Thames. He was awarded a fellowship in transplantation at the University of British Columbia, Canada, which he completed in 2021. He works as an Associate Professor of Renal Medicine and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist at the UCL Centre for Kidney and Bladder Health, Royal Free Hospital.

His practice encompasses all aspects of general nephrology including the investigation of acute and chronic kidney disease. He has sub-speciality expertise in transplantation, including donor and recipient assessment and post-transplant care, as well as in the management of patients with inherited and acquired tubular kidney diseases. He is deputy lead of the UCL Transplant theme and is principal investigator on several clinical trials. 

Dr Evans received a PhD from UCL for translational work investigating the impact of salt on the immune system. He was awarded the UCL Oliver Wrong Prize for outstanding contribution to renal physiology research in 2021.



Selected Publications
• Evans, R.D.R., Antonelou, M., Sathiananthamoorthy, S. et al. Inherited salt-losing tubulopathies are associated with immunodeficiency due to impaired IL-17 responses. Nat Commun 11, 4368 (2020)
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• Evans RDR, et al. Emerging evidence of an effect of salt on innate and adaptive immunity. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2019 Dec 1;34(12):2007–14.
Other Journal Publications
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Research interests include the impact of salt and extracellular ions on immunity; immunological changes in tubular kidney diseases and hypertension; improving outcomes for kidney transplant recipients; high immune risk kidney transplantation; biomarkers of allograft injury; molecular transplant biopsy analysis; immunosuppression avoidance including cell therapy; improving global kidney care.