Mr O’Toole is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

He is co-lead of the world-renowned ear reconstruction service which treats patients with congenital and traumatic deformity of the ear; the results of surgical reconstruction are amongst the best in the world. Mr O’Toole performs up to 200 ear fold and ear stitch procedures per year.

After training, Mr O’Toole completed the Royal College of Surgeons Plastic Surgery qualification and a prestigious fellowship in Paris. He is on the UK specialist register for plastic surgery and is a founder member of the International Society of Ear Reconstruction.

He was awarded a doctorate of medicine for research into gene therapy in surgery. He presents at conferences worldwide and lectures to doctors training in plastic surgery.

Mr O’Toole travels frequently to underprivileged communities around the world to operate on patients otherwise unable to afford treatment.




Research interests include 3-D printing of a bio-composite ear framework.