Mr Alwhouhayb has been a consultant general surgeon with colorectal interests at Barnet and Chase farm hospitals since Sept 2013.

He considers himself an excellent team player and has worked well within different medical and surgical teams, he is well-liked by colleagues and all medical staff and most importantly by patients over the last 12 years at the trust. Throughout the years, Mr Alwhouhayb has consolidated his knowledge, skills and confidence to become a fine independent surgeon.

His current job involves being on-call one in six and weekend on-call one in 11. Mr Alwhouhayb is rostered to be a CEPOD consultant surgeon one in five which involves being emergency operating surgeon for a block of five consecutive weekdays.

The emergency operations he carries out ranges from surgery to complex abdominal injuries, perforated bowel and inflammatory bowel disease complications. He has done abdominal trauma surgeries for splenic ruptures, internal abdominal haemorrhage.





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Research interests include June 2007 'Cardiotoxic Effects of Tangential Breast Irradiation in Early Breast Cancer Patients: Th Role of Irradiated Heart Volume', led by Dr JH Borger, Maastricht University. Role: data collection and analysis.