Mr Jaiswal qualified from Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Medical School in 2001. After basic surgical training at Guy’s and The Royal London Teaching Hospitals, he undertook his orthopaedic training on the prestigious Stanmore rotation, where he was one of the first ever academic trainees.

After completing his surgical training and thesis on cartilage damage, he travelled to Calgary, Canada to undertake the joint reconstruction and young adult hip fellowships and complex trauma.

Mr Jaiswal enhanced his hip and knee surgery skills during his second fellowship at Frimley Park Hospital and during his consultant post at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust, he was awarded the British Hip Society Travelling Fellowship. Having learnt advanced hip arthroscopy skills and also having worked as a consultant in the young adult hip unit at Guy’s Hospital, he is able to offer a comprehensive hip and knee service to patients with complex problems.




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Mr Jaiswal has a doctorate on cartilage injuries in the knee and statistical modeling in surgery which culminated in the award of a MD(Res) degree (a PhD for doctors). He has nearly 50 publications and international presentations and has nine international and national prizes. This has led to innovation and change in orthopaedic practices, benefiting patients greatly.

Currently, his research interests include improving outcomes following hip arthroscopy and patient related outcome measures following hip and knee replacements.