Daniel Gale trained at Cambridge University before moving to London for postgraduate training in Nephrology, including a PhD under the supervision of Patrick Maxwell.

Since 2018 he has held the St Peter’s Chair of Nephrology at University College London, where he leads the Centre for Genetics and Genomics in the Department of Renal Medicine.

Professor Gale established and runs the North/Central London renal genetics service that looks after patients and families with rare kidney diseases, including polycystic kidney disease, C3 glomerulopathy and Alport syndrome.

As well as pioneering genomic testing, this clinic has an emphasis on observational and interventional research studies, including trials of potential new treatments for rare kidney diseases. He discovered (and identified the genetic basis of) the diseases HIF2α erythrocytosis with pulmonary hypertension, which results from defective oxygen sensing; and CFHR5 nephropathy, which is endemic in Cypriots.

Using large-scale genomics his group has advanced understanding of numerous diseases, including C3 glomerulopathy, nephrotic syndrome, posterior urethral valves, intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy and IgA nephropathy.

As director of RaDaR, the UK Rare Kidney Disease Registry that includes over 30,000 patients recruited at more than100 hospitals, his team has revealed the epidemiology and lifetime risk of kidney failure or death in 20 rare renal conditions.

Other activities include chairing the Therapeutic Innovation and Clinical Trials Genomics England (GEL) Research Network and the renal GEL clinical interpretation partnership that has helped establish genomic testing within mainstream NHS care for patients with rare kidney diseases.



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