As a hepatolologist, Professor Moore sees patients with a wide range of liver diseases. He has a background in all aspects of general hepatology including alcohol misuse disorders, fatty liver disease and has experience looking after liver transplant patients.

Professor Moore trained at King’s College London and has a BSc and PhD in biochemistry. Although on the specialist register for gastroenterology, he only sees patients with liver disorders. He was MRC senior clinical fellow before becoming professor of hepatology. He worked on the liver transplant rota for 20 years, caring for patients before and after liver transplantation. He leads the alcohol care team at the Royal Free London and sees patients with undiagnosed liver disease.

He is on the specialist register for clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, and general internal medicine. Prof Moore sees patients from any speciality to discuss their medication, or patients with unusual drug metabolism or side effects.



• The Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine. Ramrakha P. & Moore K.P. 1997
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This ~870 page handbook is part of a popular handbook series in Medicine. It covers all aspects of Acute Medicine. It has been highly successful and has sold over 100 000 copies.
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Research interests include vascular funation and complications of cirrhosis, hepatorenal syndrome, ascites and alcohol and health.